Eight reasons why MUSICFIT is "The Right Fit For You"

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1. We Match the Music and DJ to You! TEXT 316-247-2391

More than any other feature, our ability to match the music to your needs sets us apart from every other DJ service. With a variety of music to choose from, we are able to let your needs and request be our guide in selecting just the right music to meet your needs. Not every DJ is right for every client; some specialize in Country, others Hip Hop, and still more are generalists. Some are highly interactive while some are low-key. With MUSICFIT you are matched with just the right music and DJ.

In contrast, a multi-operator national based website DJ will do their best to convince you that they have the perfect DJ for you… Regardless of how well produced their website is in reality they don't have the experience, and bought into a  pre-produced website chain, and wouldn't have a clue how to handle an event on their own, and rely on the website to sell you when they don't know anything about your music choices and the specific needs of your event, nor do they have the experience they assure you they can handle the job.  It's sounds ridiculous I know, but in reality it’s just as ridiculous to purchase your DJ service from a company that trains DJ's overnight. You deserve the DJ that’s right for you and you shouldn’t try to select him from a service that sends out anyone on the list. We care about you and your event, and we will provide the very best music and DJ.

2. We Listen to You

Tell us what you really want. Tell us what music you want. Tell us what you want your event to feel like. We want to know! We want to know exactly what will make your event perfect and will work very hard to ensure we address every detail for your special event, including the correct song selections (likes and dis-likes), formalities, and all other particulars. We've got music. Top State of Kansas Party DJ

Our attention to detail and commitment to customer service is unmatched! We want to know your vision regarding your wedding entertainment. If you’re not sure exactly what your vision is, we can give you suggestions and help you create it. We will offer you insights and ideas while carefully listening to what you want. We will always treat you with complete respect, we are honored to live our passion everyday, and we will be mindful of your unique ideas, expectations, and time.

3. You Will Listen and Dance to the Music You Want

Our music library UNLIMITED! We have the music to encourage all your guests to dance and are happy to take requests at any time. From old to young we have the music that will please everyone. However, our focus is always on you! Your must-play and do-not-play requests always come first. You are in charge and we listen to you.

SPECIAL online planning and music request forms makes planning a snap!

Plan your reception from the comfort of your home or work when and where it’s convenient to you! With our quick and easy online planning tools we offer you the ability to use our wedding planning forms and listen to music samples from anywhere in the world. You can create your very own custom timeline, music request list, do not play list, and much more. Update it and change it until it is exactly the way you want.

4. We Are a Real Business and You Can Count On US

We are a real business with real offices and a real staff! You'll have full direct contact with us from day one, won’t get answering machines, voice mails or try to share your thoughts with us while we are at our real jobs! This is our real job, and you are the focus of our business. We will make ourselves available to you. TEXT 316-247-2391

Would you hire a doctor, lawyer or accountant that sent out their secondary to do work? We are real people with real experience that work full time, because we are a real business that you can count on! This is our full time profession, not a part-time hobby that hires random people and puts them on a call list. You can trust us to be there on the day of your wedding. We have been helping brides and grooms for more than 10 years and we will be here when it is your turn. Wichita Kansas DJ for Parties

5. Personalized Approach – Not pre-packaged

We believe your event entertainment should be personalized and not cookie-cutter. We will work one on one with you to develop a customized and unique entertainment approach that reflects your ideas and vision.

Beyond the typical dj packages. We offer enhancements such as a video montage, monogram lighting (projecting your names, wedding date, or personal message on the dance floor or wall), color up-lighting to add drama to the event space, or even live musicians; we will work directly with you to create the entertainment package that meets your needs and is in line with your budget. #kansaseventlighting

6. Professional DJ Equipment and back up 

We use only the best professional sound and lighting equipment available. In an era where DJs try to save a few dollars by using their personal lap top and pair of speakers, our DJs use redundant systems so your reception won’t be ruined by a computer glitch or crashing hard drive.

Our up-lighting, monogram lights, and other effects are unmatched.Sounds Unlimited leads the industry in providing dynamic lighting instruments that can dramatically enhance your reception – You’ve seen those “WOW” receptions in the bridal magazines and on TV, now you can have some of that same impact. While other DJs are trying to make do with inexpensive DJ Lights we offer our clients a wide range of professional lighting options that are simply…. Amazing!

7. Wichita DJ Professionals are professional party hosts, more experienced, and better trained...simply better!

We get your party started. We are creative and adapt our style to your crowd or the type of entertainment you want at your affair. Every MUSICFIT event is unique and entirely customized from the first beat to the last song.

Everyone one of our DJs is professional with actual experience! Ask any DJ from a Our DJs have extensive professional experience so you can count on them to get it right.

We are not intrusive or obnoxious on the microphone and we do not talk between every song. We believe in tasteful audience participation and we will not overwhelm your guests with endless or unneeded DJ microphone chatter.

We don’t just play music, we create the atmosphere of your event, injecting energy when needed and carefully guiding the flow of the formalities. With our award winning DJ service you can be assured that we will keep your reception energized with great music and polished professionalism. Top Local DJs in Dallas, OKC, Tulsa, KC, Springfield, Wichita

8. We Never Overbook our Calendars, but we do have an emergency Back-up DJ, and spare equipment.

We do not overbook our calendars, nor over-extend ourselves with commitments that we can not handle. As a client, you will speak directly with the DJ before your wedding. No runarounds, No surprises. We give you the personalized attention you need to ensure your reception will be a success. Best Kansas Wedding Reception Music : Salina, KS DJ

Back up equipment won’t help if the DJ is sick, has an emergency or is involved in an accident. We always have a MUSICFIT DJ “on call” and standing by in the event of an emergency. Musicfit : Wichita DJ Professionals : Total Music Domination 

Put your next event on the fast lane!

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